Lazada brings daily in-app live streaming tech to more markets

Lazada will be implementing daily in-app live streaming to the rest of the markets, following the consistency of in-app live streaming in the Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand markets.

In a statement to Marketing, a Lazada spokesperson said in-app live streaming technology was launched in Thailand last year and is the core of Lazada’s shoppertainment strategy to better engage consumers through shopping and entertainment. There have been 270 livestreaming sessions hosted on its platform in Thailand. This looks to allow influencers and sellers to use creative ways to communicate with consumers to showcase products and answer queries.

According to the spokesperson, subsequently, both Thailand and the Philippines became the first two markets to roll out daily in-app live streaming, followed by Malaysia and has had over 3,000 live stream sessions recorded thus far. With the regular live-streaming sessions in three markets, Lazada aims to subsequently roll out into Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam as well.

The news comes shortly after Lazada concluded its inaugural month-long Women’s Festival held throughout May. Some of the marketing activities leading up to the event included in-app games, live streamed fashion shows and market-specific pop-up stores in a bid to ignite consumer awareness. In Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand specifically, Lazada’s “See-Now-Buy-Now” live streamed fashion shows drew more than 300,000 views, showcasing local sellers and designers amongst international brands.

In addition, through its recently launched shoppertainment initiative, in-app games such as the “Shop-and-Match” also saw users across the region logged on as often as six times a day to browse and play games. The eCommerce saw more than doubled normal day volumes for purchase of skincare products and Muslim wear during the campaign period. Across Southeast Asia, some of the marketing activities leading up to the event include in-app games, live streamed fashion shows and market-specific pop-up stores in a bid to ignite consumer awareness.

The Women’s Festival targeted female Millennials, whom are cited to be driving the rise of SHEconomy globally. According to Lazada, in the eCommerce landscape, 85% of all brand purchases are made by women, while 22% of women shop online at least once a day.

Lazada Group’s chief marketing officer Mary Zhou said Lazada aims to empower sellers and support them with “game-changing” marketing and shoppertainment initiatives to better engage with customers and become leaders in their fields.

“That is how they can ultimately excite customers to drive the growth of their eBusinesses and online shopping. So everyone can look forward to more live streaming and high quality content that will be launched in the coming months,” she added.

“With the Women’s Festival, we want to celebrate women in Southeast Asia through empowerment, personal confidence, and embrace the freedom to explore. Women are truly significant part of Lazada’s eCommerce ecosystem therefore Lazada wants bring onboard more women sellers and buyers onto the platform,” said Lazada Group president Jing Yin.

As one of the biggest eCommerce players in the region, Lazada also showed off its marketing prowess in March, with the push of LazMalls and “Super eBusinesses” across Southeast Asia. The offerings, dubbed super-solutions, are aimed at resolving three pain points that brands and sellers face – branding, marketing and sales.