Latest government API brings tears to your eyes

In its latest campaign, the Government API team decided to go emotional and make you shed some tears.

The Government API has been trying hard to revamp its conservative image by adopting fun and lively elements in their adverts in the recent years. You might still remember the bun song for instance, which is a song filled with lyrics introducing different deposit types, and instantly became an brainworm in the city two years ago.

The Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board has rolled out a new TV commercial via independent creative outfit Twohundred Limited to share true stories about how savings contribute to experiences, dreams and wishes, drawing attention to the deposit protection scheme.

The board recruited more than 2,000 stories from various sectors in Hong Kong, and picked three of them to feature in a 60-second video. Showcasing the journey of several real individuals and their savings, the campaign spans mainly television, OOH and digital channels.

"The objectives of the campaign is to create bonding and appreciation among the Hong Kong public via an emotional and candid approach," Christine Pong, founder & partner at Twohundred Limit told Marketing. "We want the stories to resonate with the lives of Hong Kong people, and inspire them to care about deposits."

Check out the first video feature:

Pong said two more videos featuring a father with a prematurely born daughter and a teenage boy are scheduled to start their run in mid-October.