Landmark’s Christmas installation brings TVC to life

Landmark has demonstrated a fantastic offline-to-online tactic in its teddy bear-themed Christmas installation this year, where all scenes are replicated in an animated TV commercial running in tandem.

The working teddies, the flying boat, the wish machine, the golden coins… everything you see in the commercial can be found at the Christmas installation in Landmark Atrium.

The “Wishes Come True” festive campaign has seen the iconic atrium transformed into a “wishing factory”, ran by some 80 of teddy bear wish-making helpers with life-like movements.

Visitors are encouraged to write down their dreams on paper-made wish tokens and inserting them into a spectacular “Wishing Machine” next to the installation. For every wish token received, Landmark will make a HK$20 donation to the children of Make A Wish Hong Kong.

Wishes from visitors will be represented by golden coins being “delivered and processed” by the teddies from the installation.

The Christmas installation is dreamed up by creative firm Outside Lab while the TV spot is done by SCMP Marketing Solutions.

“The true spirit of Christmas is all about sharing and making wishes come true,” said Raymond Chow, executive director of Hongkong Land.

“Landmark has a long-held tradition of creating unique Christmas experiences to celebrate the festive season in Hong Kong. This year, we want to inspire our customers with an incredible experience that reflects the true spirit of sharing, whilst celebrating the authentic heritage of Christmas.”

The initiative runs along with an augmented reality mobile app created by DDB Hong Kong, blending the virtual and physical worlds and perpetuating visitor engagement with the Christmas installation.

Also working with Make A Wish Hong Kong, HK$20 donation will be made to children of the charity upon each video created with the mobile app uploaded to

“The mobile app prolongs the experience beyond just a visit to LANDMARK so visitors really feel they are taking part in making wishes come true. And better still, parents and kids can bond over the magic of the Wishing Machine and Christmas happiness,” said Julia Hou, creative director at DDB Group Hong Kong.

The campaign covers tram and bus shelters as well as South China Morning Post.

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