Lagardère Sports shifts strategy starting with leadership changes


Sports and entertainment agency Lagardère Sports and Entertainment has reorganised its leadership structure ahead of its rebrand. The global sports marketing agency aims to shift its focus to a dual structure of dedicated market areas and global growth units, collectively led by a global leadership team.

Within this new framework, the agency will be managed and steered on a global scale by a four-member executive committee. The company heads into the rebrand phase, which will be executed and publicly announced at the end of May. The executive committee consists of chief executive officer Stefan Felsing, chief operating officer Philipp Hasenbein, chief growth officer Robert Müller von Vultejus and chief financial officer Christian Peters. The chief growth officer position has been newly-created and sees Müller von Vultejuis leading the global growth units. He will also be overseeing global sales, media, Olympics and esports.

According to Lagardère Sports and Entertainment, the committee will lead the agency together with the global leadership team with a focus on operational excellence at scale and global growth areas. Within this structure, the global sports marketing agency looks to leverage its local expertise and long-standing relationships in each continent and country to fuel continuous growth and innovation on a global level.

The agency’s further organisational structure will be based on geographies. The APAC region will be led by Adrian Staiti, who has been with the company since 2011.

He last helmed the role of executive vice president of global partnerships. Marketing has reached out to Lagardère Sports and Entertainment for additional information on its APAC focus. 

Joel Segal will be the president Americas, Idriss Akki as president Africa, and Philipp Hasenbein for Europe. Within Europe, the three core markets remain France led by Laurent Moretti, UK led by Carl Woodman and Germany, whilst the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Spain and Denmark are of further additional market relevance in Europe.

CEO Felsing said the structural change builds up on the company’s existing core strengths as a truly global company and enables Lagardère Sports and Entertainment to accelerate to full speed in terms of smarter, faster and more efficient decision making. According to Felsing, the company is setting ourselves up for global integration, operational excellence and growth whilst leveraging its specific area and market expertise as foundation of this new way forward.

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