Kumon MY sheds light on unspoken love with Mother's Day spot

Kumon Malaysia has unveiled a short film titled “Unspoken Love”, launched in conjunction with Mother’s Day. It was developed in collaboration with film director Jozef Chai, Perspective Strategies and Magic Hour Studio.

Aiming to remind audiences of how far a mother’s sacrifice can go in wanting the best for her children, the seven-minute film showcases the journey of a single mom struggling to make ends meet whilst single-handedly bringing up her nine-year-old daughter, Elly.

Filmed in Elly’s perspective, the video shows how she resented her mother for not being around all the time. Elly eventually came to understand the sacrifices her mother had to make to ensure a brighter future for Elly herself, and grew closer to her mother.

The inspiration for "Unspoken Love" came about from wanting to share an inspiring yet impactful message amongst the community that a parents’ love plays a major part in a child’s developmental journey to ensuring that they grow up to be successful leaders in the future.

The film also serves as a reminder to parents that life skills such as confidence, independence and determination are keys to help a child nurture their limitless potential to be successful in the future, aside from academic excellence, and that nurturing these positive traits from young provides a child with a solid platform that sets a child to be in the right track for the future.

In a statement to A+M, Kumon's spokesperson said the video will run on social media, digital platforms and WhatsApp. It will also leverage further on digital opportunities to amplify the video and the message behind it.

Yosuke Sugawa, general manager of Kumon Malaysia, said that the idea behind the film was to “acknowledge the struggles” that mothers face especially during the “earlier years” of their children when they “require the most support and attention”.

“On behalf the Kumon team, we’d like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all parents out there, for the effort and sacrifices in nurturing the future generation!” added Sugawa.

“In coming up with the creative concept behind this video, we felt that a touching storyline would resonate best amongst Malaysians, tugging on their heartstrings and reminding us to appreciate the mother figures in our lives, no matter what day of the year it is,” said Chai.