Kronenbourg 1664 asks Malaysians to live in “Le Moment”

Kronenbourg 1664 has extended its “Taste the French Way of Life” campaign with “Le Moment”, which embraces a form of desire to take time off the usual hectic pace of life to enjoy little daily indulgences.

The idea was brought to life at the recent Le Moment launch held at Caffeinees. At the launch, guests were surprised by a flash mob that appeared amongst the audience, bringing the story of “Le Moment” to life. The launch also saw a series of activities branched from the thematic message of Le Moment which will be emulated in subsequent outlet activations to invigorate little pleasures with just a hint of magic.

As part of the campaign, Kronenbourg 1664 will also be making rounds to offices and throwing 12 office soirees, themed “Pause for Le Moment”.

“More and more Malaysians are living a hectic lifestyle. In this fast paced and demanding lifestyle, we asked ourselves, what would Le Moment, mean for Malaysians. […] By creating a series of simple indulgences enhanced with emotionally stimulating activities, we hope to encourage consumers to take a break and live in Le Moment, like the French do. After all, your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges, so just relax and recharge,” said Juliet Yap, marketing director of Carlsberg Malaysia.


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