Kraft surprises public after fire drill

Kraft Foods' Twisties surprised unsuspecting crowds when it took advantage of a fire drill to give away 100 packs of Twisties to office staff who had gathered after the drill at 1 First Avenue office block.

The fire drill saw over 1,000 people from companies like Kraft Foods Malaysia and neighbouring companies Schlumberger and Dimention Data gather at the foot of the building whilst officials from the fire department performed checks.

One hundred people received the free Twisties products, available in six flavours.

"The last thing you would expect at the end of a fire drill is to get free snacks. At Twisties, we're always bold, wacky and unpredictable. So when we saw a lot of people lining up in the sun, we jumped at the opportunity to surprise them and turned a regular fire drill into something cool that they can remember," said Kieren Lim, senior brand manager Twisties Malaysia.

The giveaway was initiated and executed by the in-house brand PR team.