Kraft Heinz rebrands neon orangey Mac & Cheese as...breakfast food

Global food company Kraft Heinz has unveiled a new branding for its iconic Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinner, as part of its efforts to stay relevant with parents struggling with kids who were picky eaters in the morning. The packaging is not getting a full redesign, as the company is simply swapping “dinner”, with “breakfast” to encourage Americans to start their day with neon orange cheesy noodles.

This comes after a study conducted in Q3 2020 with 1000 parents, which revealed that 56% of parents had served their kids Mac & Cheese for breakfast more often during COVID-19 related state lockdowns than previous months.

Kraft Heinz stated that serving Kraft Mac & Cheese as part of a balanced breakfast was a “sure-fire way to start the day off with a smile”, adding that it was all about the small parenting wins these days. Additionally, Kraft is also giving away a limited-edition Kraft Mac & Cheese “Breakfast Box” to selected Twitter users who use #KMCforBreakfast and #Sweepstakes on their account. The box includes a placemat for kids to color while the Mac & Cheese is being prepared, a magnet with breakfast topping suggestions, like crumbled sausage, bacon or scrambled eggs, a mug for serving and – of course – the original Kraft Mac & Cheese with the rebranded “Breakfast” packaging.

It will also be donating 10 boxes to Feed the Children, a leading global hunger relief organisation, for every #KMCforBreakfast on Twitter, up to 1 million boxes.

Kelsey Cooperstein, brand manager of Kraft Heinz said since the brand was loved by the entire family, the company learnt that Kraft Mac & Cheese was not just for dinner. “A Kraft Mac & Cheese breakfast is a win-win for families at a time when they need all the wins they can get,” Cooperstein added.

Separately, Kraft Heinz was recently requested to withdraw its misguided negative campaign on palm oil in The Secretariat of Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries latest statement. The campaign included incorrect claims on being “palm oil free and had discriminatory messages on the Kraft’s new hazelnut butter in Canada. 

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