Konew turns to hip-hop star to sell loan products

Konew Financial Express’ (康業信貸快遞) latest branding effort has seen a turnaround in style with a six-minute TV commercial starring hip-hop star Luk Wing-kuen.

Too Slow No Rice "米慢過人”

Done by production house, The Garage, the microfilm humorously showcases an ill-fated attempt of a young entrepreneur named Grandchild, played by Luk, who tries to catch up with the bubble tea craze by setting up a bubble tea business, right before the craze comes to an end.

In the wake of failure, Grandchild decides to stop going with the flow; instead, he turns to help modernise his grandma’s spiritual business, and finally succeeds in running a popular retail store.

“Konew Financial Express has long been leaning towards a serious and strictly business tone in advertising. This microfilm aimed to come up with a fresh angle which sees a difference to its previous ad style to touch on the need of loans for education, pursuing dreams or buying properties,” said Janice Yeung, assistant account manager at The Garage.

“We came up with a number of interesting reasons to apply for loans.”

The film aims to reflect how Konew can provide business owners with convenient loan services which can help revitalise a stagnant business, Yeung added.

Client: Konew Financial Express
Creative: The Garage
Director: Jessie Kwok
Account management: Karen Hung
Media: Oxygen Media