Komli boosts its Remarketing Demand Side Platform

Media technology company Komli Media has launched an Android app for its Remarketing Demand Side Platform (RDSP) customers.

The app allows customers to manage various campaigns & strategies and check the performance in real-time. Clients can also pause and resume campaigns, view the set up and check the current deliveries using the app.

Launched earlier this year, Komli’s Remarketing Demand Side Platform (RDSP) allows marketers to manage their remarketing campaigns across display, mobile and social from a single cohesive, transparent interface.

The app is a natural product extension that facilitates quick response time and data access - on the go! The mobile app is an addition to Komli Remarketing’s core proposition of providing marketers with a completely transparent and self-serve platform for managing remarketing campaigns.

Komli’s Remarketing app was conceived during a recent company-wide Hackathon event. Participating teams had to come up with ideas and convert them into working prototypes over a non-stop 48 hour coding session. All entries were evaluated on the basis of innovation, relevance and complexity.

The winning hacks were included in Komli’s product roadmap. The remarketing mobile app won over other interesting ideas like hyper-personalisation of ads, ad verification tools and cloud monitoring.