KOLs introduce Nespresso's “Barista Creations” coffee blends in online video ads

Nespresso has introduced its latest addition to the Nespresso permanent coffee range - “Barista Creations” - with a series of online videos to showcase various creative ways of enjoying coffee at home.

According to Nespresso, just as three-quarters of coffee drinkers in the world on average enjoy a white coffee, 76% of Hong Kong coffee drinkers drink their coffees with milk. 

After six years of research and development on finding the perfectly balanced milky coffee, and understanding consumers’ expectations and taste preferences, Nespresso has released “Barista Creations”- three different coffee blends that are specifically crafted to go with milk. They are namely; “Chiaro” (ultra-light roast with sweet caramel and biscuit notes coffee), “Scuro” (full-bodied, flavorful coffee), and “Corto” (very dark, spicy and intense coffee).

The campaign videos featured three KOLs - singer Kenny Kwan, yoga instructor Chau Kei Ngai, and actor Jason Wu - each demonstrating how to make a gourmet milky recipe using one of the three coffees in the Barista Creations range.

“All milk coffee lovers can express their creativity and indulge in their preferred concoction at home with Nespresso. To demonstrate this, Nespresso has decided to create a video series online and on social media showcasing new ways to enjoy gourmet milk coffee recipes at home with Barista Creations,” said Lai-Ching Kok, country manager of Nespresso Hong Kong and Macau.

Kok added that the campaign aims to inspire coffee-drinkers to get creative and become a true barista at home. Designed to satisfy the senses of a wide range of milky coffee lovers, a variety of recipes can be created with each blend of Barista Creations. They can also be paired with plant-based milk alternatives, such as oat, almond, or soy milk.

“Each KOL we selected to collaborate with have different profiles and target different audiences, and so allows us to reach a wide and new demographic with each,” Kok explained.

Kenny Kwan is known for his YouTube series “Chef Kenny” where he invites celebrities to cook with him. He has been a Nespresso user and fan for over 10 years which made him a natural fit for the brand. He has taken up the role of “Barista Kenny” creating a Mango Coffee Smoothie in the video.

While Chau Kei Ngai, as a recognised fitness KOL, has demonstrated a coffee recipe (almond Coffee with Chia Seeds) that is both delicious and healthy. She appeals to a wide base of fitness fans, mums and families.

“Jason is a natural at creating latte art as can be seen on his video showcasing the chestnut soy cappuccino. Jason is perfect for relating to the new, younger generation of coffee drinkers who love to explore trends and try new things. With Jason’s fresh face and talent, we felt we could reach and inspire a new audience and show them a different way of enjoying their milk coffee at home,” said Kok.

The video of Kenny Kwan was rolled out in late May, the other two videos will be broadcast soon.

An additional goal of the ads was to convey Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability. At the end of each video, it reminds audiences to recycle their used capsules 

“Consumer participation is essential to make our recycling efforts a success. That’s why Nespresso continually strives to communicate better with consumers, making sure they know why, where and how to recycle,” Kok said.

According to Nespresso, it uses aluminium for its capsules which not only has the ability to preserve the freshness, taste, and quality of the coffees but also has the benefit of being infinitely recyclable. Club Members can drop off their used capsules at the recycling point at any Nespresso Boutique. They can also arrange for their used capsules to be collected from their home or office upon delivery of new capsules through the Recycling @Home initiative.

Once collected by Nespresso, used capsules are taken to a local recycling plant where the aluminium is separated from the coffee residue. The aluminium is then sent to a scrap metal collector for re-melting into recycled aluminium, while the coffee grounds are taken to a local farm to be used as natural compost.