Knight Frank Property fires associate after clips emerge of harassment of train commuters

Real estate consultancy Knight Frank Property Network Singapore has terminated an associate who was reportedly the same individual who recently harassed commuters on the train while filming them. While the realtor did not specify the misconduct nor name the individual, it said in a Facebook post that the conduct of its associate was brought to its attention earlier this week.

The individual in question has since been terminated and Knight Frank Property Network said it maintains a zero-tolerance for hate speech and racism that threatens the foundations on which Singapore is built.

knight frank facebook post

"We thank everyone who came forth to feedback on this matter. The company remains committed to being a responsible business to both clients and the communities in which we operate," the statement said. 

The statement came shortly after an individual made headlines for filming others on the train while asking them questions about their ethnicity. She also questioned fellow commuters about their education while claiming that she is from Hwa Chong. According to the video circulating online, at one point, one of the commuters identified herself as Malay and the woman's response was: "Malay is it? Okay, no wonder." Following this, netizens dug up her personal details and circulated online, The Straits Times reported. Among the list of details was the information about the woman working as a salesperson for Knight Frank Property Network.

The post has received 238 likes, 42 comments, and 72 shares as of 29 April. Majority of netizens were pleased with the decision, with many posting GIFs and thanking the realtor for taking action. Meanwhile, there were also a handful of netizens who said that instead of terminating the associate, the realtor should counsel her and understand the reason behind her actions. Another also said they would like to know how Knight Frank Property as an employer can help her. 

Separately, YouTube also recently terminated the Beow Tan YouTube channel for violating its harassment and cyberbullying policies. The channel was also allegedly linked to the same individual who Knight Frank Property Network fired. Its spokesperson told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that it has strict policies that prohibit harassment on YouTube, including content that maliciously insults someone based on their race, gender expression, or sexual orientation. "We quickly remove content that violates these policies when flagged," the spokesperson added.

Before the channel was terminated, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE found several videos titled "Malay harassing Chinese" and "Indian harassing Chinese". There was also a video titled "Malay man attempted to molest Chinese woman" and another titled "Indian sexually harassing 56-year-old Chinese lady".

Some videos were filmed discreetly while others featured the woman directly confronting others. In one of the videos, for example, the woman had filmed a family having a discussion about peanut butter and labelled the video "Malays harassing Chinese". Most of the victims appeared to either be confused or uncomfortable and had attempted to avoid her. The woman in question is also currently being investigated by the police, ST said.

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