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KLM contest shoots for the stars

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, a major airline of the Netherlands, has recently launched a contest in which the winners will receive two tickets to space.

KLM is collaborating with RAPP and Tribal DDB Amsterdam to launch a high altitude balloon from Area 51 in the US Nevada Desert on 22 April.

The balloon will ultimately burst at its altitude limit when pressure decreases. The challenge is to guess the height when it explodes and its landing location with the most accurate prediction winning the trip.

The campaign capitalises on the modern emerging trend ‘space travel’ and puts the simplified application process onto a cyber website, which is highly interactive to viewers.

KLM is not the first cooperation to make the most of the upward “space travel” trend. Earlier this year, Axe Apollo, the body spray company, offered consumers a training opportunity at Apollo Space Academy with a chance to go into space; Red Bull also sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s space-jump for a recent ‘more-or-less’ promotion in October last year.

KLM will also supports the Space Expedition Corporation, which aims to launch its first commercial space trip from Curacao on 1 January, 2014.

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