Kjeldsens opens heavily branded T-Mall store

In its latest attempt to boost sales in the China market, Danish cookie Kjeldsens has opened a flagship store on T-Mall.com, offering selective products tailor-made to cater to Chinese online shoppers.

The heavily branded e-commerce storefront provides detailed product description as well as brand story when users click through to products.

One of the gold pack is named as “Tuhao Gold”, a popular phrase following iPhone 5S gold version launch in China to describe the nouveau riche group behaviour.

In a move to drive more traffic, Kjeldsens has geared up for a new series of media campaign comprises of MTR advertising, online video site ads and banner to boost site traffic to call in on the Chinese New Year celebrations.

A media comical game“reasons of KJ store opening” has also been activated on Weibo to drive attentions on the new store.

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Viveca Chan, chairman and CEO of WE marketing group, the agency behind Kjeldsens’ Tmall store and the campaign, said the launch provides a new portal to reach the fast-growing population of Chinese online shoppers.

One of the perks of running an online store on B2C online marketplaces like Taobao and T-Mall, according to Chan, is that the channels provide optimisation to measure the best media for the brand.

“All the advertising we rolled out are tracked to measure ROI. We are far beyond knowing only the data of the impressions and click-through rate but also the sales. The campaign certainly enables higher advertising measurement and ROI,” said Chan.

The company also works with Ad Master who are providing third-party tracking and monitoring.

“China shopping behaviour is shifting from offline to online following a consequential withdrawal of funds,” she added. “But flagship stores on Tmall have avoided the problem, providing higher credibility on the products.”