Kinetic launches pioneer Metro Manila OOH study

WPP-owned out-of-home media agency Kinetic has just launched a first-of-its-kind study in the Philippines about outdoor advertising in the heart of the island nation’s capital.

Conducted during the last quarter of 2013 in partnership with TNS, Kinetic Advantage was created to "supply critical information on the profile of recent passers-by of Metro Manila’s arterial roads."

The pioneering research study looks into the medium’s audiences, key environments it engages with and its effectiveness in Metro Manila.  It also examines how other touch points are faring versus out-of-home media as a source of ad awareness for brands in specific categories.

Rowell Santiago, media & insights director at Kinetic Philippines, said that they will be presenting the topline findings of Kinetic Advantage in early February and is expected to be attended by marketing leaders, site owners and media vendors in the country.

Invitations to the said event will be sent out by Kinetic soon for further details.

“We are very excited to launch this study in the Philippines as we have been working on this for over a year now to bring something really valuable for our clients and partners. This breakthrough undertaking demonstrates our continuous commitment in enhancing our planning and buying capabilities by spearheading the discovery of fresh insights on out-of-home media” adds Santiago.

Included in the study are selected advertising initiatives that were tested to identify message take outs and key elements that influence the consumers whenever they have interacted with a brand on an out-of-home ad.

The study improves Kinetic’s expertise on planning and buying but it also contributes to the wider OOH industry, setting the groundwork for further studies of an increasingly growing sector that demands greater accountability.