Kimberly-Clark launches TVC to promote new adult care product

Kimberly-Clark Hong Kong has launched a new adult care product and rolled out a TVC featuring local actress Myolie Wu.

The TVC has been produced in a stylish, yet fashionable manner, while introducing the product Plenitud to women who may suffer from bladder leakage issues while laughing, running, or sneezing. 

“There is a signature scene on the commercial where Wu turns the screen upside down, which symbolises Plenitud’s mission to break the taboo (on bladder leakage),” said Rachel Lo, creative director of Havas Hong Kong.

“Bladder leakage could happen on any person at any age. It is very normal and women need not to feel embarrassed. Tackle it positively with the right product could definitely help avoid potential embarrassing moments, and enjoy life fully,” Wu said.

Plenitud has been launched in Asia for the first time. Kimberly-Clark Hong Kong said it understood that although one-third of women aged over 35 had different levels of bladder leakage issues, it has been a taboo subject that  consumers have tended to avoid. 

Women with this worry may shy away from discussing this issue with others, and reduce their social activities to avoid potential embarrassing moments. By launching this new brand, Kimberly-Clark Hong Kong aims to break this tradition, rejuvenate the category, and help consumers go about their daily life with ease of mind.

“We see the adult care category has more advanced development in many other markets such as Japan, South Korea, and Australia. By launching Plenitud in Asia, we wish to keep our consumers socially confident without bothering to care about the bladder leakage issue,” said Jennifer Lin, marketing manager of Kimberly-Clark Hong Kong.

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