LOOK KFC's watt a box recharges your belly and your phone

We have all had the churn in our stomach when the corner of our phones turn from that bright happy green to a blistering angry red. There is even a new proposed term for this phobia of our phone's battery dying - nomophobia.

To ensure you don't face that disastrous feeling while your fingers are engaged in a love affair with some finger lickin' good fried chicken, KFC India launched a new limited edition 5-in-1 meal box called "Watt A Box".

The box allows customers to fill up on its fast food and charge their phones, simultaneously. KFC India CMO Lluis Ruiz Ribot in a statement to Times of India said the boxes were created to save customers the experience of encountering a dead phone battery.

"Rethink what a meal box can do," a promotional spot for the box said. The spot features a young girl texting her friend about a date only to have her phone run out of battery. She finds that her KFC meal box is able to charge her phone as well. After her phone comes back to life while she eats, she finds out that her message was sent to her date instead.

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Nice one, KFC!