KFC takes aim at McDonald's with #KFCRealCheeseFries campaign

KFC Singapore has introduced an improved version of its long time Cheese Fries dish, hot on the heels of the furore over McDonald’s Cheesy Unloaded Fries which failed to meet real life expectations.

Speaking to Marketing on the matter, a KFC spokesperson explained that brand had already improved its fries to a “crispier and tastier version” in late November, with plans to announce it to fans. This was especially to those who love its Cheese Fries as it is “one of KFC’s signature items”, the statement read.

“McDonald’s recent launch of their cheesy loaded fries has given theirs and our fans an alternative for comparison. Hence, we wanted to make sure that our fans are also shared with the good news of our fries improvement and its enhanced taste,” the spokesperson said.

In the Facebook post, KFC Singapore cheekily touted its newly improved to be "the real deal", using the hashtag #KFCRealCheeseFries. Since its posting on Friday, the video has garnered over 10k views, 446 reactions, 125 shares and 88 comments.

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The real time marketing stunt did not go unnoticed by netizens, prompting comparisons between KFC’s and McDonald’s Cheese Fries. A check by Marketing found not only netizens praising KFC’s cheese fries over McDonald’s, but also a debate over who had the best fries – with one netizen claiming that Burger King had the best fries. To that – even Burger King responded on KFC’s Facebook post, thanking the fan for the love.

Confirming that it was aware of the comment, the KFC spokesperson added that it was great to see the renewed interest and online conversations around cheese fries.

“For KFC, we have strong following for our Cheese Fries and it is really heartening to hear support from our fans on their love for KFC Cheese Fries. Their affirmation will spur us to continue to bring great tasting cheesy fries to them,” the spokesperson said.

To market its new and improved Cheese Fries, KFC will be running several digital and social media ads from 11 to 22 December 2017. It is also running add-on promotions which last until 2 January 2018.

Last week, McDonald’s came under fire after its newly launched Cheesy Loaded Fries dish failed to meet the mark with customers. Following the backlash, McDonald’s issued a statement apologising for the experience faced by customers. This came after netizens claimed that the dish was not “loaded” with cheese as advertised.