KFC Philippines fights hunger with WFP

KFC Philippines has just donated 7.5 million pesos to the United Nations World Food Programme to feed school children in the poorest areas of Mindanao, south of Manila.

The donation is KFC's largest amount given to the WFP since they partnered in 2009, raised not mainly by donation cans but by pledging P5.00 for every purchase of one of their special meals made for the advocacy.

While donation cans and boxes are the bread and butter of most fundraisers done in the fast food industry, KFC Philippines general manager Liza Leah Calma-Juinio (pictured right) observed that a notable number of customers didn't consider dropping their loose change at all.

"Not that they didn't want to donate, it's just coins are much harder to come buy these days," she told Marketing referring to coin shortages in the nation.

"We know customers want to help out the cause so we made it more convenient for them."

In line with the Yum! Brand's World Hunger Relief campaign, KFC restaurants across the country sold the brand's much loved one piece chicken, rice, mashed potato and soft drink, a combo aptly called "Fully Loved Meals"

KFC donated P5.00 for every single purchase of the meal from 1 November to 17 January last year. While the campaign meant losing P 7,569,469 in revenues, Calma said it meant the world to 100,000 school children in Mindanao.

"Shared Joy is at the heart of what we are as a brand. The WFP has given us at KFC Philippines as means to share what we have with those who need it most of the last four years."

She said they are planning to re-launch the campaign by the last quarter of the year, aiming to beat the 7.5 million mark. While plans are not concrete, Calma mentioned that fundraisers from the WFP through marathons, social media and other activities are options.