KFC Hong Kong expands single use plastic reduction movement

Seeing the positive results from the first phrase of the plastic reduction program, KFC today announced the expansion of the program with more replacement of plastic cutlery and art installation.    

Since 23 August 2018 when the chain store first launched its plastic reduction program which involved the removal of plastic straws and lids from KFC restaurant meals in Hong Kong, some 1000kg / 1 million pieces of single-use plastic were prevented from being disposed of into the environment.

With customer support, KFC will expand its single use plastic reduction mission and catalyse other effective changes, firstly by replacing plastic stirrers for hot drinks and long spoons for cold drinks with compostable materials.

By introducing a new three-finger plastic glove design which will only be distributed based upon the hygiene concerns of individual customers, KFC can reinvest into other biodegradable packaging materials like paper straws, and can continue to explore ways to achieve further plastic reduction.

Janet Yuen, CEO of KFC Hong Kong and Macau, said: "We would like to thank KFC customers and KFC fans of all ages who engaged in the action on single-use plastic reduction and who contributed to its success.”

Yuen added that its success relied on a shift in consciousness and habits, therefore KFC is introducing a roadmap for plastic reduction to facilitate further action.

This phase two activation will also herald an engagement vision encompassing staff education initiatives and a collaboration with mixed media artist Natalie Wong to further build public awareness on the pressing issue of plastic reduction and sea life protection.

Wong created a plastic sea turtle art installation using straws and drink lids that were recovered during the first phase of KFC's sustainability program, part of which was a plastic collection and recycling initiative. The piece is now on display to the public in the KFC store in Ma On Shan.

"Upcycle art is creating something new and valuable using disposable materials and products. I want to show people all the interesting ways you can get creative with disposable plastics, like straws and lids."