KFC goes deep into peer influence via major brand campaign

“Follow, or not?” is the central question in KFC Hong Kong’s new branding initiative.

The one-minute video, filled with inspirational ideas to encourage people to “break the rules”, represents KFC’s biggest branding initiative this year.

Launched with a trimmed down 30-second TV spot, the video sheds light on what seems to be an increasingly prominent issue among Hong Kong’s youth – peer influence. The ad, featuring a string of insight into our daily lives, aims to encourage teens to break free from peer pressure.

“Over the past four years our marketing mix has been more product-driven. It’s now time for us to go to the next level,” William Tsing, marketing director at KFC Hong Kong told Marketing.

“We want to focus more on brand building and strengthening an emotional bond with our customers.”

Created by long-term creative partner David Communications and media agency UM, the campaign adapts a catchy phrase “要趣就脆” as the title with a pun on the Chinese character “趣”, a homonym which also means “crunchy” in Cantonese.

“The title has a dual meaning. First it’s about the fun in our lives and second, it’s the crunchy texture of our products. Through this we hope to send a message that whenever you need to wind down, KFC is your choice,” Tsing explained.

More digital and tradition executions will be released over time.

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