KFC dives into local culture

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has launched a new campaign for its newest product offering, the Zinger Chicken Rice. It is a combination of KFC's signature spicy Zinger fillet served with fragrant chicken rice and a spicy sauce, all freshly-prepared in-store.

With the tagline "Enjoy the Zinger you love - in a spicy new way!", the campaign aims to create awareness of this new product and runs across print, in-store, outdoor and television. The 20-second TVC will be running on both free-to-air and cable television in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu.

The Zinger Chicken Rice was created by Grey Singapore.

"The team at Grey is committed to find creative solutions that will deliver meaningful and tangible results for KFC - in this case, we aim to establish awareness of the Zinger Chicken Rice, which is an exciting combination of two of Singapore's well-loved food," Ali Shabaz, chief creative officer, Grey Group Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand said.

Last year, ‘The Singapore Re-fuel Package', consisting of two KFC rice variants namely Spicy Tomato sauce and Original Recipe sauce, was launched featuring celebrity En Lai as the ‘minister' Soh Ho Jiak who believed in rewarding Singaporeans with the perfect ‘Re-fuel' meal of rice with KFC chicken.