KFC creates Spotify playlist with 46 songs that mention the brand in the lyrics

KFC has unveiled a “Bucket Bangers” Spotify playlist comprising hip-hop songs that have referenced the brand. Some of the hip-hop songs listed on the playlist are from artists Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, among others.

The list totals to 46 songs, ranging from American artists as well as stars from France, Germany and Russia. Whilst released in France, the playlist can be accessed by the public through the link. To promote its curated playlist, KFC rolled out OOH ads throughout France. According to several media outlets, the fast food chain worked with ad agency, Sid Lee Paris to churn out Spotify banners and outdoor ads featuring lyrics from selected songs.

In addition, KFC also dropped a contest for users to take part in. Via Twitter, KFC urged users to tweet their favourite punchline from songs citing KFC with the hashtag #BucketBangers. Selected users will be in the running for a free one year subscription to Spotify as well as free bucket KFC for a year.

KFC is not one to shy from over-the-top marketing tactics. Taking its own spin on influencer marketing, KFC created its own virtual influencer Colonel and had its Instagram page taken over. The virtual influencer packs branded tattoos and abs, presumably a younger and “hotter” version of Colonel Sanders. The Instagram posts were filled with inspirational quotes and philosophies by the virtual influencer sharing a piece of his life. The comments on the posts were majority positive, as many gushed at how good looking Colonel Sanders can turn out to be.