Kellogg's or Quaker: Which product did Bandersnatch viewers prefer?

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings shared in the Q4 earnings interview that Kellogg’s Frosties cereal came out on top as  a popular choice among viewers of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Holding up a Kellogg’s box and a Quaker box, Hastings said: “There is one piece of data that didn’t make the [financial] release and that is what percentage of people like Frosties versus Sugar Puffs,” he said. He added that 73% prefer Frosties.

Since its release on Netflix, an interactive movie, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has garnered traction from viewers around the world. In the earnings report, the team at Netflix said that the “global excitement” created by Bandersnatch is an example of marrying technology and entertainment to evolve video storytelling. In a statement to Marketing, a Netflix spokesperson said that the inclusion of the cereals in Bandersnatch was "purely creative choice" and not paid placement.

In the US, Netflix earns approximately 10% of television screen time and less than that of mobile screen time, it said. However, it earns a lower percentage of screen time in other countries due to lower penetration of its service. The company said that its growth is based on how good its experience is for its members and that it will not focus on its competitors. As part of its multi-year plan, the company aims to grow its content while increasing it revenue to expand its operating margins. It is targeting a 9% operating margin in Q1 2019, its full year operating margin target for 2019 remains 13%, compared to 10% in 2018.

Just last week, Netflix was being sued by Chooseco, publisher of the children’s interactive book series Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA), for US$25 million for trademark infringement with regards to its Bandersnatch. In a suit filed in the US District Court for the District of Vermont, Chooseco charged Netflix with “infringing and disparaging” the CYOA trademark. Netflix’s Bandersnatch constitutes the entire fifth season of the popular sci-fi franchise Black Mirror. The film’s protagonist, a video game designer, asserts in the opening sequence that his own work is based on “Bandersnatch…a Choose Your Own Adventure book”.