Kao Corporation creates Crazy Rich Asians parody film titled 'Sibei Rich Asians'

Jumping on Crazy Rich Asians hype in Singapore, media agency UM, FMCG group's Kao Corporation and content creators Left Profile has come together to release a parody of the film called "Sibei Rich Asians".

This mini film parody also marks the first collaboration of multiple brands under Kao Corporation to be featured alongside each other in an advertising campaign.

The parody features Michelle Chong as ‘Ah Lian’ using Kao’s brands- Biore, Liese, Magiclean and Kate Tokyo in everyday relatable situations. Netizens have commented on the video on both Facebook and YouTube platforms and also called for Chong to transform the ad into a full length movie.

The view has already garnered more than one million views on Facebook, with 8,000 shares and 10,000 likes at the time of writing. On YouTube, the video has been watched over over 159,000 times and trended at #9 spot at the time of launch, a press statement said.

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