K11 Art Mall launches HK public fashion show with exhibitions, virtual fitting, and more

In a continuous effort to promote public art in Hong Kong, this summer K11 Art Mall has collaborated with two local creatives to launch the “K11 FASHION DECODE” public fashion show.

From now until 1 September, Hong Kong artists/designers, Zoe Siu and Yeung Chin, will put on a show of knot art inspired by traditional craftsmanship, mesmerisingly colourful folk costumes, and captivating performance art. The campaign will not only showcase artwork from professional artists but will also encourage public participation.

The concept of the exhibition originates from “public art”, with the aim of creating an engaging customer journey. Before entering the exhibition hall, each participant will receive a piece of copper and weaved cloth to make a bespoke name card. 

As they proceed past another exhibit visitors are then invited to step up from their seats to play model. They may pick from one of six brand new outfits by Chin, choosing one they feel best portrays their values and then strut down a fashion runway.

Visitors can also enjoy a fashion art performance curated by the award-winning creative. A group of professional dancers wearing Chin’s pieces will perform a dramatic dance on stage. Making use of their clothing, they will move in coordination with eight different pieces of musical microfilm, synchronised with the rhythm of a typewriter, to produce a melody of sorts.

The performance will extend beyond the chi K11 art space, covering the entirety of the B2 floor in the K11 Art Mall. The campaign also features an exhibition of Chin’s upcoming tribe collection.

Meanwhile, Siu's contribution to the exhibition expresses her fashion language through knot art with a designer's eye, delivering a different shade of fashion.

Siu has combined knot art with the culture of South America's lost Inca tribe, recreating khipu knotted-string art. Khipu (or quipu) was a unique record-keeping system used by the Incas. Lacking a written language, they used a highly sophisticated system of knotted strings of various materials, colours and thickness to keep records.

Siu has created three sets of forward-looking, large-scale interactive knot art installations. This includes Hong Kong's largest indoor hand-crafted knot art tower, measuring 3-storeys (approx. 12m) tall at its centre.

The Khipu Wall is set up for participants to create their own khipu, weaving their own unique fashion code on a streamlined wall of strings alongside Zoe's woven tower. This is in addition to another knot art installation which involves the sets up of irregular wooden benches with various khipu knot designs.

Finally, the exhibition will be displaying some interesting technology as participants can have an early trial on a collaborative work by K11 Art Mall and Kalon Couture.

Similar to other recent retail tech offerings, Kalon Couture is a local causal wear platform developed by the Eureka Nova programme that aims to provide a “virtual fitting” experience. The system creates a 3D virtual Avatar of the user with reference to different faces and body shapes. The user can then pick from the latest fashion collection in the K11 Art Mall, and create tailored clothing for themselves.

Participants will receive a free photo from their virtual fitting and can create their own’s fashion portfolio by clicking “Like” on both Facebook pages of K11 Art Mall and Kalon Couture's Facebook pages.

Complementary to the “K11 FASHION DECODE” Exhibition, K11 Art Mall will also offer multiple crossover activities on-site, including SALON11 – Enigma of Fashion, MOVIE11 x Fresh Wave | Movie Decode and a diversified musiK11 music programme.