Johnson & Johnson outsources consumer health business to DKSH in Hong Kong

Johnson & Johnson has appointed market expansion services provider DKSH to grow its consumer health business in Hong Kong.

Under the agreement, a dedicated DKSH team will provide marketing, sales, distribution and logistics activities in both retail and in professional healthcare outlets such as hospitals, clinics, doctors or pharmacies all over Hong Kong.

The new partnership with Johnson & Johnson follows an earlier announcement where DKSH has been appointed by the consumer goods multinational Procter & Gamble to sell and distribute its brands in Hong Kong.

The broad range of Johnson & Johnson's brand products under the agreement include Regaine, Listerine, Aveeno, Neutrogena, Anusol, Gelusil, Imodium, Nicorette, Nizoral, Pregaine, Trosyd, Bandaid, Carefree as well as Johnson's baby. In total, DKSH will look after more than 20 brands from Johnson & Johnson.

"The fact that major healthcare company like Johnson & Johnson outsources a significant part of the business to DKSH underlines our strong position in the Asian market," said Grace Lau, vice president of business unit healthcare at DKSH Hong Kong.

"The trust from the client to grow its business in Hong Kong is a big boost for us to outperform in the market."

DKSH business unit healthcare is the services provider for healthcare companies seeking to grow their business in Asia. Custom-made offerings comprise registration, regulatory services, market entry studies, importation, customs clearance, marketing and sales, capillary physical distribution, invoicing and cash collection.