Johnnie Walker taps 7 artists to create variations of Striding Man statue

Johnnie Walker has collaborated with seven young artists from six cities across Indonesia to unleash their creativity on life size statues of the Striding Man. This is in a bid to transform the brand’s global icon of personal progress into an invitation to mark every step in the journey of progress.

The campaign, called “Mark Your Step”, aims to recognise and celebrates modern attitudes, focusing on the positivity, confidence, creativity and generosity of spirit. The artists involved are from Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya and Jogjakarta. This saw them creating their own unique Striding Man statues, in a bid to imagine a collective visualisation of progress for Indonesia.

The seven “Mark Your Step” Striding Man statues will be installed in licensed outlets across the country starting with Jenja in Jakarta on 17 February followed by South Bank, Bandung, Foreplay Surabaya, Vi Ai Pi Bali, Retrospective Medan, Boshe Yogyakarta and Leon Jakarta.

The campaign also looks to tie in with the brand’s “Keep Walking” campaign. Centered on inspiring personal progress, the brand’s “Keep Walking” campaign celebrates positive attitudes and actions which are helping bring about a better tomorrow.

Adrienne Gammie, assistant chief representative officer for Diageo in Indonesia said that Indonesia is recognised globally as a dynamic hub of creativity and innovative-thinking fueled by a desire to give back to the community.

“As a brand with personal progress as our purpose, Johnnie Walker is very excited to recognize this evolution of progress for Indonesians today and we believe it is the perfect moment for Indonesians to celebrate every achievement in their journey of progress,” she added.