Johnnie Walker launches two Games of Thrones whiskies

Johnnie Walker has unveiled two whiskies to celebrate the final season of Games of Thrones.

The new whiskies - A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire -  are inspired by the two great Houses who face off in the final season of Game of Thrones; House Stark, represented by the fearsome Direwolf, and House Targaryen, represented by the fire-breathing Dragon.

This latest collection, available in Hong Kong from 15 October onwards, is a continuation of Johnnie Walker'collaboration with HBO’s Game of Thrones and is a successor to the limited-edition Scotch White Walker by Johnnie Walker, which was launched in 2018.

When the bottles are put together, they create a combined image. On the bottle for A Song of Fire, Johnnie Walker’s iconic mascot of the striding man faces head-to-head with the striding man on the bottle of A Song of Ice, both backed by the fangs of the Direwolf and the breath of the Dragon.

Sure it's a little strange this release arrives several months after the series finale has come and gone but at least they've actually released, unlike say, The Winds of Winter. We're waiting George...