JobsDB’s campaign depicts the different stages in a job seekers’ life journey

Jobs portal jobsDB has rolled out a new online/offline campaign, focusing on the different life stages in an employee’s career.

Running with the theme that a “job search is a lifetime journey”, the brand has developed six key visuals to depict the different life stages of young adults, new parents, and even a mature person looking for a career change.

In every life stage, job seekers pursue different things, including salary raises, a work-life balance, new career opportunities, better teammates, a more suitable company culture, or merely new excitement in their lives.

“We have been positioning jobsDB as more than just a job search portal but also a career companion for the candidates. We believe that “life stages” truly matters and urge candidates to keep re-evaluating their career goal,” said Irene Wong, head of marketing of jobsDB Hong Kong.

The campaign also includes various OOH media, such as posters on buses, tram shelters, and bus panels. Deployments have also been made on online display ad networks an social media platforms, including Facebook link ads and IG Stories.

“Through this journey, people can find their passion and meaning of work again. After all, making a career move is one of the most challenging decisions in life. We hope jobsDB can offer guidance and match the right job for our users in the most efficient way,” she added.


Clients jobsDB Hong Kong
Creative Hungry Digital
Photographer Yu Ho Yeung

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