JNTO launches spotlighted marketing campaign Yurutabi

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) celebrates the recent launch of its branded traveling style, Yurutabi (閒式遊), a spotlight of its mid-term communication strategy starting from summer 2016.

Asatsu-DK Hong Kong and Vector group international join forces to serve as the AOR of JNTO to execute the new campaign, overseeing its creative development and an array of events, PR initiatives, and strategic cross platform media buying including online, print, OOH and various other channels.

As a focal point of the launch, JNTO participated for the first time in the Hong Kong Book Fair, one of the city’s biggest trade shows, where it staged the Yurutabi booth in the Japan pavilion, presenting to visitors a taste of the distinctive Japanese traveling style.

To create momentum for Yurutabi as a rising trend in travel in Hong Kong, JNTO further shook up its marketing campaign by recruiting young and avid female bloggers of their travels in Japan to be 'Yurutabi girls'.

"'Yurutabi' traveling style could vary from travellers to travellers, depending on their own interpretation," said Hiroshi Yamada, executive director of JNTO. “To me, my 'Yurutabi' is relaxing, soul-soothing travel and I would try to feel 'Japan' as it is.”

"Japan is blessed with a variety of sightseeing resources, culture, and wonderful seasonal scenery. I’m sure every time you visit Japan, you would find something different through the traveling style of 'Yurutabi'," he added.

According to the travel information from JNTO, up to 80.5% of the travellers visiting Japan from Hong Kong are repeat travellers and 21.9% among those repeat travellers have visited Japan for more than 10 times.

JNTO’s goal is to facilitate cross promotion between the Yurutabi brand and the influencers-to-be KOLs in growing their market presence while more Yurutabi Girls will be recruited in the coming future.

"Both the repeat travellers and our Yurutabi Girls are 'Nippon expert' and I would call them 'Yurutabi traveller'. We intend to make use of this characteristic in our co-creation marketing campaign and hopefully our Yurutabi travellers would discover the distinctive attractiveness of Japan," said Yamada.

JNTO also launched a series of video content produced by a team of acclaimed local photographers and cinematographers, which features the famous Japanese actress Tokico Kitagawa. The summer episodes showcased the finest moments of Yurutabi.

There will be much more exhilarating, interactive online and offline content that brings Hong Kong travellers to the experience of Yurutabi.

Source: Vector group international