Jin Air drops you off by skydiving

Want to travel to South Korea a little faster? Try Jin Air as it has released three funny videos to show the company dropping passengers off at destinations by skydiving or even fighter aircraft to push its brand awareness.

One of the videos saw that the Korean low-cost carrier (LCC) has introduced a ‘direct drop service’ in which passengers are transported in large cargo planes and are dropped off at destinations by skydiving.


Teaming up with advertising agency HS Ad from Seoul, the airline has also released two creative video clips. Titled "Jet fighter service", it shows the fastest way to Korea with a fighter aircraft.


Meanwhile, the "standing room ticket service" was the most sensible way to enjoy Korea by using standing seats.


The videos aim to convey the airline’s marketing slogan "unexpected delight", in a humorous way through skydiving, saying that Jin Air will take its customers to Korea in the most comfortable and playful way.

The Korean low-cost carrier (LCC) has released the commercial on its YouTube, Facebook page and Chinese video platform ‘IQIYI’ to target Asia audiences.

Jin Air is holding events through its Facebook and website in order to encourage overseas customers to share the video, as well as to partake in a lucky draw for winners with prizes.