LOOK Jetstar brings Singlish flights to life this National Day

In celebration of the nation’s  51st National Day celebrations, Jetstar will be introducing Singlish announcements on 9 August 2016. Customers flying into Singapore on selected Jetstar flights can expect to hear a Singlish version of the familiar on board announcements, made by the pilots and cabin crew.

It also launched an all-inclusive one-way sale fare of SG$51 to various local favourite destinations such as Bali, Hong Kong and Taipei.

“Faster cheong and book at jetstar.com, mai tu liao! So cheap don’t buy you rugi!” the press statement read.

The new campaign follows an April Fool’s Day prank launched earlier this year, which saw the airline carrier Jetstar proudly crowning Singlish as its official customer-facing language. This, it claims was its first step towards greater market localisation.


This is not the first time the flight carrier has localised its marketing efforts, showing sensitivity towards local cultures and holidays.

It also launched a campaign during the Chinese New Year period last year, which matched singles through the power of the zodiac and gave them a chance to escape the judgment of singlehood from relatives during the holiday season and possibly “meet their true love”.

All campaigns were conceptualised by AKA Asia.


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