Jetstar Asia introduces mobile boarding pass

Low fares carrier Jetstar Asia has launched a new service that allows travellers to board using their smartphones with the introduction of the mobile boarding pass.

Following the trial, by the end of October the pass - which uses a two-dimensional (2-D) barcode - will be offered to customers eligible for straight-to-gate departing Singapore to most Jetstar Asia destinations. With close to 90%  smartphone adoption in the island nation (ratings by Nielsen for The Asian Mobile Consumer decoded), the majority of Jetstar Asia’s passengers will undoubtedly have access to the mobile boarding pass.

Jetstar Asia CEO Barathan Pasupathi said the mobile boarding pass is the latest investment in innovation from the low fares carrier designed to make travel even easier and convenient for customers.

“Replacing paper boarding passes with a mobile boarding version will allow Singapore customers access to real time updates on changes to flight schedules, gate information and seat numbers [...] We continue to focus on innovation that makes travel with us even easier whilst helping us to driving greater efficiencies which keep our fares low," he elaborated.