JCDecaux Transport launches Arrival Digital Impact Zone at Hong Kong International Airport

JCDecaux Transport has announced the launch of its new Arrival Digital Impact Zone at Hong Kong International Airport, with its first advertiser being SAP.

The network is made up of a combination of digital panels - which allow motion between them - providing the ability for complex animated ads and image-flow presentation. The Arrival Digital Impact Network is strategically located in the Arrivals Central Concourse in Terminal 1 of Chek Lap Kok. The concourse bridges the busiest arrival concourse and the immigration hall, to maximize its effect.

"Impactful brand communication has become a digital reality through the brand-new Arrival Digital Impact Network in Hong Kong International Airport. JCDecaux Transport strives to deliver dynamic airport media, placing innovation at the core of our work and constantly encouraging our advertisers to fully leverage the power of our digital assets. This new media platform can bring greater vibrancy for brands to communicate with audiences in a memorable manner, alongside with extensive creative possibilities," said JCDecaux Transport managing director, Shirley Chan.