JCDecaux launches new digital ad network at ION Orchard

OOH company JCDecaux Singapore has launched a brand new digital advertising network at ION Orchard.

Following the successful launch of the “Digital Fashion Network” in July, JCDecaux unveiled a new Network of 80-inch digital screens in the mall, packaged as the “Premium ION Link Digital Network”.

Located at key touch points along the busiest linkways of Orchard Road, the brand new network comprises of nine screens and maiden advertisers include H&M, Juicy Couture and PuTien.

In addition, JCDecaux has completed its second phase of upgrading work, increasing the screen size of the “Digital Lift Lobby Network” from 19 inch to 24 inch. This network comprises 34 LCD screens installed across all Lift Lobbies. Acuvue and Moncler are currently running their campaigns on the Digital Lift Lobby Network.

“ION Orchard Link serves as a vibrant underground retail walkway that extends the mall’s current retail offerings. As our second underground link after ION Paterson Link, this high-traffic walkway provides shoppers and commuters with quick and easy way to access ION Orchard. We are certain that the new ION Link Digital Network will serve the latest trends and offerings, lending a lifestyle dimension to this fast-paced location and will enhance the overall shopper and commuter experience,” said Chris Chong, chief executive officer, Orchard Turn Developments.

"The new installations at ION Orchard Link delivers a high quality digital advertising footprint to the former Orchard Underpass through which more than half a million people pass every week,” said Ashley Stewart, managing director, JCDecaux Singapore.