Japanese ad company Wakino pushes boundaries by using armpits as ad space

Wakino Ad Company, a subsidiary of beauty products company Liberta, is planning to use armpits as its new ad space.

According to The Telegraph, Wakino has brought on board its first paying customer, Seishin Biyo clinic, which uses the armpit ads to promote its underarm hair removal service. Its website also features sample adverts on armpits with rates from ¥10,000 (£68.60) for one hour of exposure.

In a bid to hire more armpit models for its adverts, Wakino aims to stage a beauty contest on the most attractive armpits in Japan, The Telegraph added. Armpits are not the first body parts to have been used by Japanese advertisers. In 2013, Japanese marketing company Absolute Territory unveiled a campaign which paid women to paste temporary tattoos of brand logos on their legs. According to The Independent, approximately 1,300 women applied to model for the campaign.

Marketing has reached out to Liberta for comment.

(Photo courtesy: Wakino Ad Company)