Jack Morton's new HK office announcement video is a weird, wild Mario Kart tribute

Brand experience agency Jack Morton has recently moved from Oxford House - where it has resided for over 12 years - to One Taikoo Place. Celebrating the relocation of its office, the agency has created a fun video featuring its employees. 

In the quirky video, Jack Morton employees from various departments participate in a race, with the new office as the finishing line. The team are decked out in a variety of different costumes, representing their own characters, in a tribute to the iconic game, Mario Kart

Commenting on the creative idea of the video, Natalie Ackerman EVP and managing director of Greater China said, “We liked the theme of Mario because everyone loves Mario and it’s a game that resonates with people of all ages. Each character had their own unique personality, strengths and weaknesses, which is very much like our team of people -  a diverse group of individuals who work hard and also know how to have fun.”

Rather than just serving as an announcement of the agency’s new move, Jack Morton hoped the video would express the culture and wide diversity of its people. A lot of emphases was put on building characters and personalities through the way they interacted with one another.

Ackerman added, “At Jack Morton, our people are our ambassadors and I’m incredibly proud of the team for their relentless hard work in delivering for our clients and growing the agency. A big thank you to the team who took their own time and initiative to concept and drive the creation of this video and I hope everyone enjoys it and sees the fun we had in creating it.”

“The new One Taikoo Place is known to be one of the most advanced green buildings in Hong Kong and we’re excited to be in a space that supports sustainability and green initiatives whose design also inspires and cultivates creativity in our people.”