Ivy Wong ventures into new mobile territory

If you work in media and you live in Hong Kong, it's more than likely you would know Ivy Wong.

Largely credited as the driving force behind Yahoo's local success and TVB.com, she left her high-profile role as CEO of Next Mobile - a subsidiary of Next Media - in January this year to, literally, prove the world wrong.

Wong's latest brainchild is Viss, an Instagram-like app which allows users to post photos of their outfits, tag them to a brand which Wong's team will then match to an e-commerce platform that sells that particular (or variations of) that garment.

"There's a conception where self-generated media - as in media owned by the public - doesn't work, I want to make that possible," she said.

"User generated content will have a way out: the public just needs a platform where their voice can be heard. And if successful, people will pay for it."

In February the site boasts 30-plus retail partners and a user base of some 1.2 million.

Her new venture, however, isn't a walk in the park.

"To be honest, every app - including ours - is testing mobile behaviour. And ours is very greedy," she said, citing that Viss requires users to upload, tag, look at the product catalogue and buy.

"That's many actions that we're requesting them to do, so we're still testing the waters, but we're optimistic."

Aside from funds - she is also spearheading a consulting firm to sponsor this project - Wong's biggest challenge is to get users to click the buy now button, which is where her revenue is generated.

"You have to start with a niche topic, but eventually, we want to expand our service platform to travel and pets and other lifestyle-oriented jobbies," she said.

See the full story in May issue of Marketing Hong Kong.