iProperty.com.my's new spot explores the idea of home beyond a roof over one's heads

In the spirit of Malaysia Day, iProperty.com.my has released a video titled "My home, my Malaysia" featuring six staff members who share what a home truly means to them. The employees, who come from diverse backgrounds in Malaysia, speak of how having a home transcends beyond having a physical roof above their heads, but also encapsulates the feeling of warm-heartedness, generosity and kindness from other ordinary Malaysians.

Produced in-house, the video wanted to explore how the idea of home goes beyond a roof over one's heads and aims to keep the conversation real in conjunction with Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day. In a statement to A+M, the company's spokesperson said its approach this time round was slightly different in terms of the video's tone. Its prior festive videos adopted a fun approach, but its latest video is lighthearted and tries its best to showcase the cultural diversity in Malaysia.

The video runs on Facebook and LinkedIn and iProperty.com.my also incorporated still images of each talent and posted them on Facebook and Instagram Stories to encourage consumers to watch the full version on its website. On why it chose to feature its employees, the spokesperson explained that iProperty.com.my wanted to highlight that its workforce is made up of a diverse group of people from Malaysia. "It has always been our intention for the campaign and video to focus on our people, who are the faces behind our company," the spokesperson added.

"The aim of this social media video is to celebrate our country’s diverse cultural heritage, our spirit of togetherness and most importantly, this special place we proudly call home. For many Malaysians, the concept of home is more than just a house. Home is where we can experience the feeling of warm-heartedness, generosity and kindness from other ordinary Malaysians," Wong Siew Lai, acting country manager and GM marketing and communications, iProperty.com Malaysia said.

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