IPPUDO Coupon Goes Digital

IPPUDO, a Japanese ramen chain restaurant, has stepped into the digital arena to launch smartphone app "IPPUDO PASSPORT", combining the coupon system with the Point-of-Sales (POS) system for the very first time to support its IPPUDO PASSPORT campaign.

The new app was developed by local digital agency Cherrypicks and has jumped to number one in the Food and Drink category on iTunes App Store three days after its launch.

"Hong Kong is the second highest smartphone penetration city in the world and is more sophisticated to develop an app. It should be the first in the food service industry offering record, rewards, and education functions," said Karen Woo, head of marketing, Japanese Chain Restaurants, Maxim's Caterers Ltd.

In addition to collecting electronic stamps and badges, the app also provides information about ramen culture and IPPUDO's history as part of IPPUDO's branding strategy.

"The app, which has recorded thousands of downloads on its launching day, is a huge success because of its innovation, rich content and attractive reward mechanism," added Karen.

Apart from facebook, the app is also promoted on U Magazine, Weekend Weekly, Eat & Travel, Milk and Next Magazine by advertorial placement. In the coming months, IPPUDO will partner with some mobile apps on advertising placement, and engage bloggers to further introduce the new app.

The promotion works where customers gather the virtual tokens when purchases are made and prizes are associated with collecting a certain number.

The app is available on both iOS devices and Android smartphone devices.