INTI’s launches new Merdeka campaign

INTI, International University & Colleges has launched a Merdeka campaign  in which it went to three kindergartens - Tadika Tamil Batu Arang, Rawang; Tadika NurainiKu, Rawang; and Talent Kindergarten, Klang.

As part of #SaySomethingNice, a campaign by Zubedy, it taught each group of children for 60 minutes a new nursery rhyme that is not in their mother tongue, and filmed the exercise.

Zubedy – a for-profit organisation with a social cause – is encouraging Malaysians to creatively showcase the best of Malaysia during the period between Independence Day, 31 August and Malaysia Day, 16 September, to foster the spirit of unity amongst Malaysians.

This exercise is also in line with INTI’s ‘Rethink Education’ campaign, which started at the end of last year to encourage youth and parents to reflect on the role of higher education.

“With Independence and Malaysia Day just around the corner, perhaps now is a pertinent time for us to remind ourselves of our childhood so that we may engage with the world in the same attitude and openness as we had when we were young, as this will allow us to embrace the diversity and beauty of our country in its entirety," Timothy Johnson, vice president of Marketing at INTI, said.

Watch the video here: