INTI’s Raya ad underscores importance of food and family

INTI International University & Colleges (INTI) released a new Hari Raya video titled Dodol to highlight the importance of food and family this festive season. The video is named after one of Malaysia's favourite local desserts and features Danish Harraz, a self-taught 10-year-old chef.

Harraz learnt the art of cooking and baking via Youtube from the tender age of six, and has over 70,000 followers on social media. The three-minute video is directed by INTI's alumni Jivetharman and Caleb Lim from Salad Show Productions. It showcases the interaction between Rizal, played by Danish Harraz, and his "Opah", Harraz's grandmother.

Rizal, a city boy, is curious about why certain types of food such as the "rendang" and "lemang" are only made during Hari Raya. He raises a series of questions to his grandmother, who conjures interesting reasons and teaches him the importance of unity, as well as the need to stay together as Malaysians.

In the video, "Opah" said dodol, the dessert, resembles the "togetherness of Malaysians". She also compares rendang and its specialty to the the unity Malaysians enjoy as a family during the festive season, while lemang is supposed to represent patience as it takes four hours to cook.

“INTI is very close to my heart because they were one of the first to give me a stage to talk about my passion – cooking. Ever since that, they have always been encouraging me and when the opportunity to be in the video came up, I happily accepted," Harraz said.

“Malaysians love our food, especially during festive celebrations. It often becomes our reason to return to our hometown and get together with our family.” Timothy Johnson, senior vice president of marketing, products & partnerships at INTI, said.