INTI's new in-house video shows persistence is key

INTI International University has collaborated with popular YouTube personality Ling Big Yong (pictured), to develop and produce a new campus video, featuring a typical college love story.

The in-house video garnered over 419,555 YouTube views at the time of writing. The 14-minute video aims to send an underlying message of overcoming the fear of failure, being persistent, taking a leap of faith, and to use the skills gained in college creatively for life. It also showcases various campus facilities such as the fully-equipped library and INTI's FabLab to showcase the environment and opportunities provided for students.

In a statement to A+M, Timothy Johnson, senior vice president, marketing, products and partnerships, INTI International University and Colleges said it worked with Ling because he resonated with its Mandarin- speaking target audience.

The new video features a shy IT student played by Ling, who tries multiple times to express his feelings to the girl of his dream, but shies away each time out of fear. After being encouraged by his lecturer, Ling starts working on a project to code a program for his love interest, sacrificing sleep and time with friends among others. The video then ends with a message of encouragement to viewers, to make the effort and try their best against all odds.

Johnson said the university believes that trying and being persistent is an extremely important message for today's youth, especially amidst all the social pressure students face in being the best at everything they do.

“At INTI, we believe in raising a culture of creative thinkers who have what it takes to meet the needs of employers in the future. The best way to do that is to give students free reign to unleash their potential through various means and to help them realize that the lessons they learn in the classroom transcends their academic journey at university, and are skills that they take with them for life,” Johnson added.

Watch the spot here:

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