INTI releases video featuring new Fabrication Laboratory

INTI International University & Colleges has released a video, Fix, to highlight its new Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab INTI). The FabLab INTI is a 3D model printing facility offered for engineering and arts and design students.

The video is a collaborative effort with The Salad Show Productions, and is helmed by two of its alumni – Jiven Sekar and Caleb Lim. The video, about brotherhood, showcases how FabLab INTI played a key role in maintaining the kinship between the siblings after a fight. The FabLab INTI was recently launched at INTI International University Nilai. It is equipped with facilities essential for prototyping – 3D printers, 3D scanner, laser cutter. The FabLab INTI is accessible for students of various disciplines to incorporate into their work.

Other inventions made by INTI include Eco Park Rider, a creation by four of its mechanical engineering students - Sunder Raj Sundara Murthy, Vinod Krishnan K Arvindra Dass, Chan Wah Biao and Tushentan Ravishandran.

“FabLab INTI is the future of education for the students – with its ability to turn innovative ideas to reality. We are excited to see how our students will utilise this technology,” Timothy Johnson, senior vice president of marketing, products and partnerships at INTI International University & Colleges, said.