INTI asks youths to rethink their education

To reset the thinking that learning is forced and painful, INTI International University & Colleges (INTI) has launched a campaign called "Rethink Education".

The campaign aims to spur discussions and encourage the youth and their parents to reflect on the role of higher education. The campaign started rolling with two marketing videos that paint real life success stories of its students.

Co-developed with Ogilvy, and titled “A Dog’s Life” and “Love Gives Hope”, the two videos illustrate the passion and tenacity of two students, Lester Hiew and Heidi Quah, who have already built a future for themselves by following their passion, even while studying at INTI.

Hiew has a degree in business administration graduate and runs a shelter for dogs as well as his online business. Meanwhile Quah has a second year diploma in business and is the co-founder of the non-governmental organisation (ngo) refuge for refugees.

Watch the campaigns below:

“We realised that students seem to already have preconceived ideas from what they want to study, what college life is all about to what kind of jobs they can qualify for upon graduation. To help them avoid getting into this stereotypical mind set, we decided to share real life stories of our students who have taken the route less trodden and succeeded,” said Timothy Johnson, vice president for marketing at INTI.

INTI, which is part of Laureate International Universities, is a fast growing private education network.