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Interview: How content creator Aaron Busch believes influencers can be authentic to their persona

Interview: How content creator Aaron Busch believes influencers can be authentic to their persona

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MARKETING-INTERACTIVE is proud to present Content 360 – Hong Kong: Stories for a new era, a conference about content marketing, content trends, content narratives, and storytelling in a post-pandemic era. Taking place on 20 June at Hotel ICON, our 26 speakers will share with us their insights and experiences on content strategy for crisis, sustainability, engaging with Gen Z, influencer marketing and how AI will impact consumer intelligence.

Joining the panel on “What's new in the world of content creators” is Aaron Busch who has over 42k followers on Twitter. Aaron (aka @tripperhead) reported daily the COVID-19 situation and political landscape in Hong Kong. He embarked on a career as a radio newsreader, newspaper journalist and finally a breakfast radio DJ before pivoting to a stay-at-home dad to his two children.

In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Busch shared that while putting out the news day after day was his only goal, it is important for him to engage with the Tripperhead community by replying to every single private messages.

“While my social media is almost 100% Hong Kong focused, it spreads outside the region. People who lived in Hong Kong and moved away during the pandemic, family and friends abroad of those still living in Hong Kong, and just those interested in what happens in Hong Kong join in,” he added.

After all, he believed that identifying the right target audience is crucial for brands or influencers to create authentic content to resonate with audiences. 

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: Do you feel like you communicate to a global audience? How do you strive to be relatable to all? 

The Tripperhead brand, probably like most working the social media field, was never intended to be a “brand”. I was just me and my unusual Twitter handle.

But as things do, certain events transpire, and certain people are thrust into the spotlight. For me it was news reporting. And while putting out the news day after day was my only goal, the Tripperhead community became more than that; it became like a Hong Kong family.

I made a conscious decision early on to reply to every direct messaging or indirect messaging (DM/IM). This isn’t the norm as far as I can tell with people on social media. But if I could answer someone’s question, no matter that they were a stranger, then I would.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: Do you think influencers/KOLs/content creators are overused by brands nowadays? How do you believe influencers can be authentic to their persona while promoting a product/service? 

I used to think, back in the day, that KOLs/Influencers were totally overused. But that was my mindset not adjusting to the new normal. It’s how brands now target their followers, more precisely than “traditional” advertising. It makes perfect sense. Why waste an ad spend on accessing a million people via a TV spot when you can pinpoint 100k people you know are your target audience?

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What would your advice be for people who want to improve their content creation game? 

I’m late to this social media game, and I’m no millennial. I’m learning a game most in this genre grew up with. Can this old man yelling at clouds give content creation tips to the generation below? Ha, unlikely. Can I learn from them? Absolutely.

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