Insurance firm creates music app for road safety

Malaysian auto insurance company Etiqa MotorTakaful has created a mobile application to help Malaysian youths to stop speeding.

To get the attention of youths, it is banking on music.

The app, Safe Track, encourages youngsters to slow down by rewarding them with free music. It also aims to encourage young drivers to think about when they consider road safety.

The app pulls in exclusive music from local indie record label, The Wknd, as well as exclusive live sessions and B-sides from local artists.

Users can unlock free tracks via the Safe Tracks app only if they stay below the speed limit and earn Safe Mileage. The app helps to detects speed and speed limit within the area using accelerometer and geo-location technology. The more Safe Mileage collected, the more tracks available to unlock, giving young drivers more reason to follow the speed limit and keep the roads safe.

The agency behind the app was Creative Juice Kuala Lumpur (TBWA).

Here's how it works: