Instagram’s new features another wink to Snapchat?

Instagram has released two new features, one of which propels the social media platform into live video, and another which is eerily similar to the direct messaging functions on Snapchat – disappearing photos and videos for groups and friends in Instagram Direct.

The two new options allow users to have two more ways to “share freely and in the moment”, in addition to Instagram Stories. Similar to Instagram Stories, the new live story function too will disappear from the app to allow users to “feel more comfortable sharing anything, anytime.”

Instagram Stories was launched in August this year; a move which eventually led to CEO Kevin Systrom admitting to TechCrunch that the new feature was indeed inspired by Snapchat.

The other new feature which allows disappearing photos and videos for groups and friends in Instagram Direct is similar in terms of interface to Snapchat’s, which too allows users to send images and videos to friends which disappear. Here are two videos for comparison.

Instagram Direct

Snapchat’s chat function

Needless to say Twitter users have already begun to pick up the similarities, some even heralding the end of Snapchat.


Some are frustrated on which platform they should be on as both offer the same features.

So, what do you think? Will this really be the end of Snapchat?

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