InMobi names VP of brand solutions and programmatic

InMobi has brought on board Stuart Bartram (pictured) as VP of brand solutions and programmatic across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA).

Based in Sydney, Australia, Bartram has a vast experience in the programmatic space. Most recently, he managed MediaMath’s leading demand-side platform (DSP) as ANZ country manager. Prior to that, he was APAC managing director at Rubicon Project, and worked with publishers through its supply-side platform (SSP).

In his new role, Bartram will oversee the growth of the InMobi Exchange in the APMEA region. This powerful in-app exchange offers rich first party data and diverse mobile ad formats. In Australia alone, the InMobi Exchange reaches over 12 million unique users across 22,000 apps and premium publishers in a brand safe environment.

One of his key focus areas will be to educate the market on the value of first party data from software developer kits (SDKs), which provide around 200 data signals covering demographic, geography, behavioural and device. He will also be strengthening InMobi’s verification and fraud detection capabilities to make mobile programmatic more secure and transparent for local marketers.

“Senior management aren’t often aware that most mobile online consumption is in-app, with close to 90% of time spent on mobile occurring in-app versus 10% mobile website browsing. This means that when brands are talking about mobile advertising, they should be focusing on their in-app strategy first and foremost, looking at how it fits within the brand’s digital ecosystem and how they should leverage it through the programmatic channel,” said Bartram.

“Mobile video is unarguably the fastest growing mobile ad format today and is poised to be a US$25 billion market by 2021. Consequently, we have seen a growing preference from advertisers for immersive video-centric ad formats on mobile programmatic campaigns and with this, an increased demand to measure complete viewability,” said Jayesh Easwaramony, InMobi’s senior vice president and MD, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.